Maintaining addressability in a changing world


Times have changed for digital advertising. There’s been a shift for greater trust and higher standards of consumer privacy while maintaining addressability. Third party cookies lack of transparency and Apple’s requirement to obtain consent from users has set a window of opportunity to change tactics. Setting these priorities will lead the way while others are… Read more »


Programmatic buys fuel boost to UK digital media quality


The UK has emerged as a global leader outperforming his peers in all categories from desktop display, desktop video and mobile web display to mobile web video. This is owed to programmatic buys and the wide use of pre-bid filters.


Customers like ads on TikTok, but marketers prefer YouTube

TikTok on phone

Consumers on TikTok have reacted well and have actually preferred advertising on the newest platform. Marketers however, have preferred previously established platforms such as Youtube. Is it possible for these top two platforms to lead an unbalance in media buying?


Search competition: Who are you really competing with?

starting line for sprint

If you are new to Google Paid Search ads or just need a refresher, this article gives you pointers on setting daily and campaign budget limits as well as what to look out for so you don’t overspend on Google. Also the use of Google’s keyword planner tool is a must to ensure you have… Read more »