ShopRite Locally Grown


Showcase local farms, promote locally grown produce & inform customers that the farms & ShopRite are family-owned businesses


General Market; Fans of Farmer’s Markets & Whole Foods, who have an interest in locally grown fruits/vegetables


Increase brand & awareness among local audiences using video & link ads showing ShopRite’s support for local farmers


MethodGroupe ran a social and digital campaign with link ads directing people to the appropriate local Facebook business Page. Video ads educated people about its focus on supporting local farmers. Custom Audience was used to target the ads to people who like ShopRite individual store Pages. Demographic targeting reached women 25+, and Lookalike Audience was also used to reach more people. We also utilized Mobile Geo-Fencing to target our audience. We placed a variety of Desktop Banners, with the ultimate goal of driving users to

The campaign reached 491,380 people with a $0.06 cost per video view. Comparing 2015 to 2016, the CTR increased for all platforms by 24 points (1.04% vs. 1.28%). Baby Boomers+ generated the highest CTRs & ERs on Facebook. Women clicked to learn more than Men for Mobile ads. Online video had a strong overall VCR of 80.42%.