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MethodGroupe worked with Discovery Channel on an SEO campaign to drive traffic in Latin America to their Landing Page for their new reality competition show “Desafío Discovery,” with the ultimate goal of increasing viewership. We were able to increase site visits, site returns, and overall searches related to the reality show throughout the campaign.

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Maximize Organic traffic from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil to Discovery Channels reality competition show “Desafío Discovery” 


A18-34 in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil


MethodGroupe worked with Discovery Channel to support their reality competition show “Desafío Discovery” in 2015 for their Latin America/Brazil sites. The SEO process began with an initial in-depth analysis of each site, and then moved into making architectural revisions and other incremental optimizations.

After identifying important Keywords and Phrases used by potential users searching for related topics to drive quality traffic, the architectural revisions of the site’s internal links were done to discover potential areas of optimization – the structure of internal links may affect the way in which the site is indexed by search engines and how Page Rank flows inside the website.

Ultimately, we generated 85.4% new visits and 15% return visitors with an increase of 10% in search engine traffic within Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.

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