The Native logo

MethodGroupe developed the brand strategy and identity for a south Florida bar and restaurant concept The Native, a place that’s all about connection, genuine hospitality & warmth. We created the brand from name and logo to web and merchandise. “The Native is relaxing and filled with positive energy, it’s a place that all who visit feel comfortable and at home.”

The Native Case Study


Develop a name and overall brand strategy and identity for a bar/restaurant concept – a place people can get together for a simple drink and engage in meaningful conversation


General Market, Hispanic; south Florida patrons or passers-by looking for an environment filled with positive energy & have a drink or bite to eat while feeling at home


Miami’s night life lacks substance and is void of places where people can get together for a drink and have a conversation – our challenge was to create a branding strategy that complements the unique vibe and atmosphere that is The Native


MethodGroupe developed the name, brand strategy, brand guidelines, brand identity, web design and social media pages for The Native. Inspired by Miami, Art Deco, Cuba/Little Havana, Soul Music and Motown and emulating attributes of warmth and relaxation, the brand carries an entire narrative of a nomadic traveler, “The Native,” – the brand (and proposed physical location) a reflection of his journey and experiences. The logo style even has a handwritten script feel to mimic writing in a journal. “The Native is a destination within our journey. A place for us to share. A place to connect with and participate in the journey of others.”



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