ShopRite Key Value Item


Create awareness of the new pricing strategy driving users to the website to learn more about the breadth of products featured in the ShopRite Key Value Items (KVI) program through the use of Social platforms, OLV, Streaming audio and Display


A18+ General Market (all platforms) and A18+ Hispanic Market (Social and Display only)


Product Pricing can be Inconsistent, added factors of COVID-19 pandemic and boycotts due to social issues added further challenge


MethodGroupe ran a mix of social platforms, OLV, Streaming audio and Display. We adjusted platform KPIs based on creatives and placements and maximized budgets targeting specific groups of users in each market resulting in even higher CTR and lower CPMs. We targeted user interest based on products and seasonal relevance and combined the use of programmatic and direct publisher platforms to maximize budgets.

We saw overall positive results on each platform’s respective KPIs in this ongoing campaign. Online video saw a VCR over 90% YTD – typical ShopRite overall average of 67%. 30 sec videos reported a higher VCR (over 93%). Social ER for Boost Posts was in some instances higher than 2.00%, as well as overall CTR for Ads and Boost Posts. Display CTR increased from 0.40% to over 1.00%, the produce category reported a slightly higher CTR (1.05%). Streaming CTR has also gradually increased on each quarter, but always kept an overall CTR over 0.35%. Hispanics had a stronger response rate on Twitter compared to General Market (5.42% vs. 3.97%).